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From a one-man cabinet shop to a 400 man office furniture manufacturer, Roseburg recognizes each has specific product requirements. For this reason, we produce one of North America’s widest selections of sustainable wood panels.

The Decorative and Industrial products sections are easy to use because all our products have been categorized by their use. You can quickly find products and related information needed to make informed decisions about how Roseburg can help. These sections of the website feature time-tested and proven panels used to produce an endless list of products. New to the list is our RigidFrame plywood used to manufacture upholstered furniture frames. These products were developed by Roseburg because manufacturers just like you had a specific need and we filled it. 

A History of Great Products

For over 75 years, Roseburg has been setting new standards for decorative, construction and industrial wood products used by manufacturers.  Many of these products listed on our website can be purchased at one of our many wholesale distribution partners throughout North America.

A Green Commitment

Roseburg is a leader in the field of sustainability. Before green was a buzzword, we led the industry in reforestation practices (5 million trees planted per year), recycling (converting wood waste into products and clean energy), environmental management systems at all our facilities, and certified green products (FSC Chain-of-Custody certified). Our development team is made up of professional foresters, engineers, biometricians, and biologists, each helping ensure our forestlands are preserved and protected for generations to come. To learn more, see Sustainability.


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